Last week, Rett Madison released her new single “Fortune Teller” on War Buddha/Warner Records. Of the song and video, she writes:

“While I’m no longer a religious person, I still consider myself to be very spiritual. A few months after I lost my mom, I sought out psychics and mediums because I was curious if anyone could connect to my mother’s spirit. I was really seeking comfort and reassurance at the time.

I wrote ‘Fortune Teller’ after an emotional reading with my friend and psychic medium, Natalie James Taylor, who also plays the role of the infomercial psychic in the music video. It was a full circle moment to have Natalie on set. She’s brought me comfort and clarity during our readings over the past few years and has helped me connect with my mother in spirit. Natalie is incredibly gifted and kind, and I’m so excited that she makes a cameo in the music video.

When I started to imagine concepts for the music video, I had a distant memory of an infomercial for a psychic hotline that I must have seen on television when I’d stay up past my bedtime as a kid. I really wanted the video to feel lighthearted and fun in contrast to the lyrics so recreating 90s infomercials felt like a perfect match.”

Watch the video below…