After a 13 year absence, Ben Folds Five is back together making new music. On September 18, they’ll release the new album The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind. took a listen to the first single, “Do It Anyway,” and wrote:

‘Do It Anyway’ isn’t just a band attempting to recreate what it does best. It kicks off with a fierce, frenetic groove led by the magic fingers piano playing of frontman Folds, and only builds in intensity from there over the course of its four-plus minutes. “I used to like you, now I think you’re OK,” Folds sings at one point, perhaps predicting a lukewarm reception from the band’s loyal following to the very reunion he is undertaking by singing the song. He ends the piece repeating the title over and over — “Do it anyway, do it anyway, do it anyway, do it anyway” — until it almost becomes a mantra, perhaps a way of convincing himself and his bandmates to follow through with the reunion in the face of doubt. Lucky for us, that’s exactly what they did.

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