Anyone who has had the chance to see and meet Good Old War will testify about their greatness. Add Yahoo! Music to that list, as the band recently stopped into the Yahoo! offices to play a few stripped down songs. Duly impressed, they’ve been deemed “The New Now” and led writer Tiffany Lee to write:

“Good Old War stopped by Yahoo! recently to play some songs off their self-titled sophomore release and the performance was no doubt impressive—the guy off-camera yelling ‘Nice!,’ ‘Awesome!’ and ‘Sick guys!’ isn’t exaggerating. In a world of auto-tune, it’s hard to come across a group unafraid to harmonize that beautifully without help of studio or stage sound equipment. A live acoustic set is really the best way to experience Good Old War’s music and I can’t help but love Goodwin’s adorably awkward busker dancing.”

Read their entire writeup and watch their performances of “That’s Some Dream,” “My Own Sinking Ship,” “Coney Island,” and “Window” by clicking here.