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“We love Jesse and we love working with Jesse. His essential, useful feedback is timely and shoots straight. He knows what his clients need and he provides it, consistently.”

-Jenni Sperandeo, Dangerbird Records

“Jesse is a reliable source to work with for airplay results, a great partner for artist development projects and has the experience it takes to reach our goals.”

-Julie Muncy, Warner Bros. Records

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jesse for the past five years. He is passionate, thorough, extremely knowledgeable about the format, and most importantly has great relationships with radio. He’s one of the best in the business and would be an asset to any promotion team looking for real feedback and results.”

-Lori Kampa, Dualtone Records

“I’ve known and worked with Jesse a number of times over the years, and he always proves why I keep coming back to him. He possesses a command of the AAA world that is second to none, and he is known as a trusted resource to everyone, with relationships that extend across the format, from programmers to labels – all of the media gatekeepers. I highly recommend him!”

-Eric Cole, RockRidge Records

“Jesse is thorough, honest, and cares deeply about the acts he works with. He is responsible to them, going beyond mere ‘service’. He explores every opportunity for artists to develop in the marketplace. His feedback is timely and accurate. Truly, my ‘right arm’!”

-Sky Daniels, Fontana Distribution

“Jesse is the greatest. His attention to detail is unsurpassed.”

Missi Callazzo, Megaforce Records and Distribution

“Jesse is a great asset to any company that hires his services. His knowledge for radio promotion and other aspects of the music industry is top notch. As long as Jesse keeps working, I’ll keep hiring.”

-Jeff Ballard, Nettwerk Records

“When he first came around, Jesse Barnett was exactly what we needed on the scene: a fresh set of ears and a willingness to listen outside of his personal tastes to really understand the essence of an artist and their craft. Timely reports, efficient follow-up and fair pricing made it hard for us to look anywhere else. At the core I think his strongest suit is his genuine love of people. He’s very easy to work and communicate with, and I had nothing but positive experiences when I hired him.”

-Reis Baron, formerly of SCI-Fidelity Records

“Jesse is a highly resourceful, take charge promoter who is very passionate about the artists he works with. I hired him when I was at Back Porch/Narada and also in my present position at an artist management company. He’s a delight to work with, hard-working and gets blockbuster results.”

-Sue Schrader, Blind Ambition Management

“It’s always a pleasure to work with somebody as professional as Jesse Barnett. Couple that with the obvious passion he has for what he does as you’ve got a winner.”

-Rich Mahan, Rhino Records

“Jesse is always excellent to work with. He provides us timely information about the artists he works with, and is very hands-on when it comes to connecting the artists to XPN. He understands our station, and has a great sense of what works for us.”

-Dan Reed , WXPN/Philadelphia, PA

“Jesse Barnett is the bees knees.  The real deal, as a human being and a professional.  Rarely does anyone work so hard to genuinely partner up with radio in a way that’s so mutually beneficial.  And p.s., that ‘one stop shopping’  online player rules.”

-Catie Wilber, WXRV/Boston, MA

“Jesse Barnett is very helpful in giving us the important info on the artists he represents, and goes the extra mile to help us schedule in-studio visits or special promotions with the artists. And his website always features a streaming player so it’s easy to listen to anything we have not yet heard.”

-Brad Savage, WCNR/Charlottesville, VA

“Nobody does their homework more than Jesse.   He knows what WFUV is all about and works tirelessly for both the station and the artists he represents.  A total pro.”

-Russ Borris, WFUV/New York, NY

“Jesse is diligent about the new releases he works, always following through with making sure I’m getting what I need.”

-Martin Anderson, WNCW/Spindale, NC

“Jesse has been a huge resource to WEHM throughout the years, helping us bring great music to our audience through many innovative promotions. He always works hard for his clients, and does an amazing job taking the latest technology and using it to showcase his artists. He makes my life easy by having all of the music available on his terrific media player. It’s just too bad he’s a Patriots fan.”

-Harry Wareing, WEHM/Long Island, NY

“Jesse is concise and honest, doesn’t waste your time, and I respect both his opinion and experience. We need more like him. Jesse is a true professional and a wonderful guy.”

-Brian Cosgrove, WLIU/Long Island, NY

“As a programmer, I find the Right Arm Resource website to be a great place to go when it comes time to listen to music. The media player has all the songs I need to listen to. As a former promotion person, I see Jesse, on a weekly basis, duke it out with everyone in the business and do a fine job at that. If I were a label, manager or band and needed to get my record heard, I’d make sure Right Arm Resource was part of the team.”

-Mark Radway, KRVO/Kalispell, MT

“I have been working with Jesse Barnett for close to three years. His integrity, knowledge, and understanding of the music business mixed with his hard work for the long term success of his radio and record partners makes Right Arm Resource an asset for the entire industry. He is one of the few independent record promoters able to not only work to satisfy his own professional goals but work towards the growth of his partners as well.”

-Joel Frank, WCOO/Charleston, SC

“Class, determination and commitment are three words that come to mind right away when I think of Jesse Barnett. I love working with him!”

-Maggie Brennan, WCBE/Columbus, OH

“”It’s very simple: In radio there are a few trusted sources to whom you need to talk to every week to stay connected. Jesse Barnett is one of those sources.”

-Rob Reinhart, Host and Executive Producer of “The Acoustic Cafe”

“Jesse has great taste and really does work the best records, more than anyone else out there. He doesn’t just take everything that comes his way, he “listens”. He goes way beyond the call of duty for the artist and the radio station to make sure every detail of a promotion are covered. I find myself playing much of what Jesse is working because it just always seems to fit our audience.”

-John McGue, WNKU/Cincinnati, OH

“What can one say about Jesse Barnett? In a world of “gimme gimme gimme,” Jesse is a gracious and magnanimous individual who understands the pressures radio programmers are under. He helps guide stressed programmers through the sea of releases. He pays attention to every detail, and understands a station’s strengths and helps them capitalize on them. In a phrase: Jesse rocks!”

-Chris Wienk, WEXT/Albany, NY

“Right Arm Resource has the connections, information and efficient service that I so value to stay in touch with the AAA music world. Having an enthusiastic promoter working a variety of artists that I need to know about is worth a lot to any busy Program Director.”

-Loren Dixon, KNBA/Anchorage, AK

“Nobody sees into the future of AAA Radio like Jesse Barnett. He knows what will work for each and every quirk of this format. Right Arm Resource always has something that sounds right whether you are leaning Americana or Modern Pop. Best of all, Jesse is a stand up guy who is there to help with just about anything.”

-Sarah McClune, WVMP/Roanoke, VA

“Jesse’s website is an invaluable tool. Everything you need is right there, and it’s easy to use. It makes my life a whole lot easier!”

-Diane Michaels, KPND/Spokane, WA

“In the swinging door of music promotion, Jesse has been a rock that WAPS has relied on for nearly 15 years. Impeccable attention to detail in set-up, execution, and follow through. He appreciates music and has the organizational skills to wrangle in all the clutter and give radio compelling and useful facts about an artist or record.”

-Bill Gruber, WAPS/Akron, OH

“I always look forward to seeing what Jesse is working next.  More times than not the project will find itself on air.  He’s always willing to go the extra mile to help set up an interview or get me what I need.  His website is a great source for keeping tabs on current artists and is a weekly visit for me.  Big props to the media player.”

-Brandon Spence, KCMV/Breckenridge, CO

“Sometimes it seems like our playlist is all Right Arm Resource radio! They provide us with an incomparable look at new & developing artists that really work well for our station – this coupled with the tried and true artists make them an invaluable resource. P.S. Love the online player!”

-Stacy Towar, KSMT/Breckenridge, CO

“To be a content provider rather than just a promoter is wise in the new era. Promotion needs to evolve, and the Right Arm Resource site is the best step in that direction that I’ve seen from the promotional world thus far.”

-Eric Alan, Jefferson Public Radio network

“Jesse is a consummate professional. His empassioned efforts for his clients are focused, detailed and thorough. Anyone who hires him would be well served by his company.”

-John Schoenberger,

“When it comes to Radio Promotion, Jesse is at the top of the list. His professionalism, desire to help his artists and friendly nature make him a pleasure to work with anytime. If you need someone to help get your artist on the radio, Jesse is your guy.”

-Scott Register, Coalition of Independent Music Stores

“I have heard nothing but glowing comments from clients who have hired Jesse to work their records to Triple A radio, and while I’ve personally never had a reason to hire him I have recommended him to prospective clients countless times over the years. I’ve known Jesse and worked alongside him since about 1993, and I have always known him to be a go-getter who shoot straight and plays well with others. You can’t do better than Jesse Barnett.”

-Jim Nelson, A Taste Of Triple A/Nigel Music Media

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