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A multitude of Willy Mason videos

There’s a large collection of videos out there right now for Willy Mason’s new single, “Save Myself.” Here’s a quick rundown of them… The OFFICIAL video: Willy at Maria’s Apartment during his UK house concert tour: The video made by Willy’s dad: And lastly, a very powerful video made by one of Willy’s...

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See and Hear Patty Griffin online

With the release of Patty Griffin’s new cd “Children Running Through” blowing up at retail and radio, she’s been doing hitting the press circuit. To see her performance of the single “Heavenly Day” on Letterman, click below: If you’d like to hear her performance on NPR’s Morning Edition, click...

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Watch the video for The Alternate Routes “Time Is A Runaway”

The Alternate Routes have completed their video for “Time Is A Runaway” directed by Lisa Cholodenko (High Art, Laurel Canyon, episodes of “Six Feet Under,” “The L Word” and “Homicide”). Cholodenko, on her decision to direct the video, said “I wish I could say that the guys in The Alternate Routes and I have been pals since the 3rd grade so of course I’d do their maiden video! Unfortunately I have a few years on them so that lie would never stick. Truth be told, I heard ‘Time is a Runaway’ and my ears lit up. I wanted to be part of putting such a beautiful, melodic gem to images. I loved working with the band. They were up for anything and we had a great time out in the desert chasing sunrises and sunsets. Time is a runaway. Time is a roadtrip. Time is on their side. I can’t think of five better guys to have lost my music-video-directing virginity to.” Watch the video now by clicking...

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All Access 10 Questions

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