If you’ve got a fear of heights, you’re going to feel nervous for the guys in Kaleo when you watch their new video for “Break My Baby.” They helicoptered in to the top of Þrídrangar off the coast of Iceland to perform it. According to the video’s description:

“Þrídrangar means “three rock pillars” and is located 4.5 miles from Iceland’s south coast. In 1939, three of Westman Islands’ best mountaineers built a lighthouse on the highest of the three rocks. They put themselves in great danger climbing up a 120 foot, nearly vertical cliff face. A small crane pulley system was constructed to hoist up material and supplies. Workers then stayed on the rock in tents for a month during the construction of the lighthouse. The lighting equipment was installed 3 years later and on July 5, 1942, the lighthouse was completed. This video was shot on July 5, 2020, exactly 78 years later.”

Watch it below: