Jackie Greene teams up with Bill Plympton for an amazing video

Jackie Greene has released “Modern Lives,” the first single from his upcoming ep The Modern Lives, Volume 1, and enlisted Oscar-winning animator Bill Plympton to animate the video for it. He told Billboard:

“I’ve always been interested in animation,” Greene — who releases The Modern Lives, Vol. 1 on Oct. 13, with its follow-up coming later — tells Billboard. He met Plympton years ago through mutual friends in California and learned the animator was a fan of his music. And the feeling was mutual. “I really dug a lot of his work,” Greene says. “It’s kind of challenging — obviously really funny and sort of borderline on offensive sometimes, like any good work. But it also has this homemade, very lo-fi indie quality to it, and I thought that style works really well in my mind with the aesthetic of these (The Modern Lives) recordings. So we reached out to him.”

Read the full Billboard piece here, and watch the great video below…