Sure there are 2000 bands playing at SXSW this week. Actually, there’s more like 4000, but we’ll go with the “official” bands for this example. But when your strip away the punk, metal and hip hop, you can narrow it down. Well, as far as you CAN narrow down music that fits a wide-ranging format like Triple-A. We sorted through the lists for you. The official showcases, the day parties, emails from label and management friends galore. Once sorted, the lovely Mrs. Right Arm Resource worked her typing fingers to the bone entering the data. A little time to make it presentable, and voila. Never say I don’t give you anything. Two disclaimers: First, set times change. This is the best I could do with the schedules I had my hands on. If you are DYING to see a particular act, double check their schedules online to make sure. Second, I know I didn’t get everything on here. If I did, you’d never read it, it would be so long. I apologize in advance for missing anything.

Now click the image below to download the six page PDF and enjoy. And see you in Austin!